"The way you work together affects whether you’re sailing in the right direction or even sailing at all." - SeaQuest participant

From a distance, sailing appears effortless, the sails and hull working in harmony with the wind and water. Close up it's a complex business requiring mastery of sail theory, a knowledge of boat mechanics, a keen awareness of environmental factors and clear communication with the other members of the crew.

SeaQuest participants inevitably develop their situational agility, a leadership presence and the ability to simplify the complex--all critical executive skills.

SeaQuest can also be customized for teams. It takes an aligned crew to sail to windward just as it takes an aligned leadership team to move an organization forward. This intensive program empowers a team to fulfill its greatest performance potential.

"They didn’t just come out here and show us how to sail so that we could watch what they did and copy it as best we could. They asked us to come at this like it was something brand new that we had to figure out for ourselves. We had to figure out what factors were relevant and then we had to figure out how to communicate with each other to accomplish our goal of sailing the boat." - SeaQuest participant

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