Quest Overview

Anchored in our DNA

Be it in a herd of horses in Montana or Vermont [EQuest], on a sailboat on the coast of Maine [SeaQuest] or on a simulator bridge of a ship at a maritime institute [MaritimeQuest], the demanding Quest learning environment fully engages the body, mind and emotions--creating a visceral memory that can be accessed years later.

Exponential Awareness

Quest programs are designed to expand situational awareness both internally and externally as well as to increase cognitive and emotional intelligence. We employ leading-edge methodologies that give participants fresh ways to approach old problems, with breakthrough results.

A SeaChange in Thinking and Behavior

All of our programs utilize the power of non-negotiable feedback from the environment: horses don't have hidden agendas, the wind doesn't play politics and ocean currents aren't influenced by opinions. There's no subjective boss telling us if we're doing well or poorly, it's an objective performance assessment from Mother Nature.

No matter the decision-making context, a clear mind and an open heart yield wiser choices. Our mindful leadership framework applies to individual leaders and intact teams. Tools and techniques are built into all parts off our curriculum so that participants can determine which practices work best for them.

Enduring Impact

Quest participants experience rapid growth during the intensive onsite program. The challenge is to sustain their learning and enthusiasm so they can make meaningful and lasting changes back in the workplace. SeaChange Resources solves this issue by combining the powerful immersion experience with personalized follow-up coaching that ensures participants integrate and implement their new skills, practices and tools back at work.

"Quest helped me own my personal responsibility for the management of our business. Shifting winds and changing seas are beyond your control, but they inform and empower you to focus on what you can control." —Quest participant

Custom Team-Quest Programs

The challenges we face today don't necessarily have conventional solutions which is why teams need to learn to think and perform together in new and different ways. All of our experiential platforms can be customized to meet the needs of teams.

We work with both high functioning teams to fine-tune their performance and challenged teams to break through barriers. Whether newly formed or a team that has been working together for many years, our research-based approach enables a team to unleash its full performance potential.

"The way you work together affects whether you’re sailing in the right direction or even sailing at all." —Quest participant

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