Our Team

Kim Parrott, CEO, Executive Coach & Facilitator 


“I love my work in coaching and facilitation because it enables me to be my best self while helping others realize their best selves. As a coach I get to help people identify what really matters to them at both a professional and personal level. As a facilitator I get to help groups achieve results beyond the sum of their individual efforts. That’s fun adventurous stuff--which I’ve always enjoyed. I grew up overseas in a diplomatic family in East Africa, Soviet Union, England and Belgium. After college I went to sea for seven years as a coast guard licensed officer aboard square-rigged ships. Eventually my seafaring husband and I moved ashore to start a family. Soon thereafter I launched a consulting business with my mother which has evolved into what is now SeaChange Resources.”

Kim has 20 years of experience in leadership development, executive coaching, strategic planning and facilitation for a broad range of organizations including multinational corporations, colleges, government agencies and the non-profit sector. She also serves on the faculty of the Center for Creative Leadership, a globally ranked provider of leadership development and research. Kim holds a BA in History from Yale, a MA in Teaching from Brown, a Captain’s License and is an ICF certified coach. Kim lives with her husband, two children and golden doodle in Blue Hill, Maine.

Mary W. Amory, Executive Coach & Facilitator

Mary Amory 3

“I have been in the field of developing the potential of others for 30 years.  As an optimist, I am tenacious in the pursuit of program design, delivery or facilitation that advances progress towards the defined goals. My creative side drives originality in process and curiosity in solution seeking.  I trust in the emergence of ideas and solutions from individuals or groups seeking new goals. I share all clients’ desire for results and walk with them to empower them to success.”

It started with the designing of her own major, “Human Potential and Development”, at the University of Massachusetts. This led to teaching art in public schools and working in alternative experiential education at the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School as the Program Director for the Corporate Programs, where she oversaw programs with Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Mary later received her MBA at the University of Maine in 2000.

Over the last two decades, she has facilitated change programs and leadership development in large corporations.  As a consultant with the Brimstone Consulting Group, she worked with Pfizer, Waste Management, Jones Lang LaSalle, Medco, Arrow Electronics and other large firms.  She is currently a senior consultant with the Cradlerock Group providing design, delivery and coaching support for leadership development programs in several large global manufacturing companies. In 2007 she founded “noteworthy", a creative venture that raises funds for Partners In Health.

Mary has raised three grown young women with her husband, Tom. They currently reside in Camden, Maine. She is now in the process of hiking across Utah exploring the canyon country in incremental segments.

Seafaring:  Mary was an instructor for the Hurricane Island Outward Bound program for 3 years as a licensed captain for their 30’ open rowing/sailing vessels.  She and her husband have crewed on a 52’ boat from Athens to Majorca and sailed many other boats before owning a J-35.  They have sailed from Maine to Poughkeepsie, NY, and enjoyed many summer week long cruises on the coast of Maine.  Mary joined Tom for parts of his 13,000 mile Atlantic Circle, including stops in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Madeira, the Canaries and the US Virgin Islands.

Derek Ahl, Executive Coach & Facilitator


"Why I love what I do? Through coaching and facilitation I have the opportunity to foster an individual's passion and potential to achieve something they once might have thought of as unattainable. As an educator, I sometimes am lucky and get to be a catalyst: for growth, for development toward mindfulness, and for an expansion of perspective. This I believe has the potential to raise awareness and move our global society toward a more positive state of community. The confidence and joy that comes from an individual or organization when they can identify their impact is a powerful motivator.

My professional journey began in Outdoor Education, working with individuals in adventure-based settings. These experiences demonstrated the value of the connection, trust, resilience, and innovation that can occur among people when faced with common challenges and shared goals. My service as a Combat Medic in the military strengthened this conviction and brought into focus the power of building depth in understanding and connection in order to achieve meaningful and sustainable impact.”

Derek has been providing performance coaching, facilitation and training across a variety of industries to teams, organizations and individuals for over 15 years. His clients include Fortune 100 companies, international manufacturing and finance firms, federal agencies, national and local NPOs, and educational institutions. With a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, his specialties include process facilitation, performance management, strategy implementation and leadership development. Derek also maintains affiliation as an adjunct instructor with the University of New Hampshire. Some of his life influences include raising an amazing daughter, serving in the military, leading 30-day wilderness expeditions, and a 3-month walkabout in the Australian Outback. In his downtime Derek enjoys traveling, skiing, reading and writing, and paddling the amazing waterways of the Northeast.

Gretchen Hannon, Executive Coach, Facilitator & Elder


"What I love most in my work is helping people discover what has heart and meaning in their work and life, as I continue to do in mine. In my decades of consulting, I've encouraged people to find and explore hidden talents and to act according to their authentic selves. Authenticity inspires us—and others—making it a key ingredient of leadership.”

With 40 years of experience in organizational behavior and career planning, Gretchen has served clients around the world. She began concentrating on coaching leaders while teaching Executive Leadership for Boston University in Brussels. In addition to the United States, she has lived and worked in Kenya, Tanzania, Russia, Great Britain, Belgium and Norway. Her clients have been in multi-nationals, private and public sectors, as well as U.S.government agencies—Department of State, CIA, Army, Navy, EPA and the Postal Service. For the past 20 years, she has been Adjunct Faculty with the Center for Creative Leadership. Gretchen earned a B.F.A. in Speech & Theatre from University of Arizona and an M.A. in Education from Stanford University. Other experience includes engineering and hosting a daily regional talk show for CBS, and as a multi-engine instrument rated aviator, flying as a bush pilot in East Africa. She also founded and directed international community theatres in Tanzania, Russia, and Belgium. A mother of three grown children, she now lives with her husband in Strafford, Vermont.

Ayrne Meyer, Equine-Guided Education Instructor, Montana 


“I love what I do because it provides a unique opportunity for people to experience the horse and nature in a way that inspires wisdom and love for themselves and what they have to offer.

Belonging to a herd of ten horses and sharing them with others has brought me to a deeper understanding of their native ways and the relevance their nature has in our lives when we connect. Horses and humans have a great attraction for one another. Horses embody an innate side of us that becomes distant in our current high tech, language based culture. They remind us we too communicate using powerful expressions that transcend words. Interacting with horses reveals and develops our non-verbal self and our potential. This balances the body’s authentic design so we can operate at a greater capacity. We increase understanding and awareness of self, others, the world and the energetics that support change.”

From the Rocky Mountain region to travels abroad, Ayrne's love of nature and exposure to distant cultures have fueled the naturalist and artist she was destined to be. Ayrne is an avid traveler but feels her most memorable experiences were born exploring her home state of Montana on horseback, rafting or on foot. Her true passion is encouraging self-expression, discovery and growth through horses, nature inspiration and art.

Ayrne lives in Helena Montana and is a SkyHorse certified Equine Guided Educator (EGE). She shares her herd and their wisdom with people around the world by offering EGE and riding adventures for individuals and groups visiting the Feathered Pipe Ranch and Black Mountain Retreat in Helena, Montana. Ayrne is an accomplished fine artist and writer. She has a degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Colorado in Denver. She is president of the board for Adventures Unlimited, a non-profit organization with a focus for introducing people of all ages, abilities and incomes to the great outdoors as well as an outdoor adventure guide. Horse skills are numerous and include wrangling, vaulting, training, and fellowship with horse lovers alike. Ayrne continues to build upon her knowledge in the areas of somatics, the energetics of communication and equine therapy.