"MaritimeQuest was an incredible experience. Our new team arrived having just met and without any professional workplace experience. We left with a deep and clear understanding of ourselves and each other. We have already been able to tackle several projects as a highly-functioning team that communicates and supports each other well. I know that the leadership and teamwork tools I left with are invaluable in the workplace and beyond". - MaritimeQuest participant

Designed to train professional mariners, the bridge simulators at USMRC in Newport, Rhode Island, and Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine, offer a unique learning environment for leaders from any industry. As members of a bridge team, participants are challenged with safely navigating a large vessel through a constantly changing environment of traffic, buoys, visibility, current and sea state.

The officer in charge of the watch must embody a command presence to instill confidence in the crew. The navigator distills a large amount of data into a functional format. The helm maintains a diligent lookout and communicates vital information to the rest of the team.

MaritimeQuest participants have to pay close attention, manage complexity, communicate clearly and remain calm under pressure-essential competencies for any executive.

MaritimeQuest is particularly suited for intact teams. The principles of operating as an effective bridge team apply to high performing teams everywhere. This intensive program empowers a team to fulfill its greatest performance potential.

"MaritimeQuest built the foundation for teamwork and a level of self-awareness I didn’t know was possible. Kim and her team were amazing. I can’t imagine how it could have been any better." - MaritimeQuest participant

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