"I keep coming back to what I learned to help me lead through challenges and, even better, to avoid them in the first place. I think back to being in the meadow working with the horses and suddenly the tools and strategies are right here with me." - EQuest participant

Horses are masters of non-verbal communication. A horse's response to our verbal, physical and emotional cues is directly related to the authenticity of our intentions and behaviors. Building a partnership with a horse depends on the quality of the relationship in the moment. Motivating an entire herd requires a strategic understanding of herd dynamics--a mirror of how human groups interact.

EQuest participants naturally hone their powers of observation, communication and influence--vital capabilities for all executives.

EQuest can also be customized for teams. Communication is the source of all team successes and failures; horses can teach us what works. This intensive program empowers a team to fulfill its greatest performance potential.

"As herd animals horses are honest in their expressions towards each other. They don’t have hidden agendas. People tend to be herd animals also. When we interact with a herd of horses we get a real-time response that allows us to see behaviors in ourselves that we might not recognize otherwise." - Equine instructor

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